Schedule Your Approval Call

Please complete our $27 application fee in order to be considered for one of our exclusive Tackleberry Dobermans and schedule a call with Amy Arthur

This Non-Refundable Application Fee is Critical Because:

  • It Shows Intent
    We're looking to home our elite Dobermans with new owners that take the responsibility of caring for this unique breed seriously.
  • Personality Matching
    The fee covers the time and effort involved with discussing the needs of every applicant in detail in order to make the most compatible match.
  • Provides Peace of Mind
    As a new Tackleberry Doberman owner, you can rest assured that you are not wasting your time in finding a quality breeder.
  • Helps to Support Our Lifetime Health Guarantee
    Although small, this adds to our health fund in order to ensure that every Tackleberry Doberman owner is 100% covered by our contract.
  • One-on-one Consultation
    Get direct access to Amy Arthur for a personalized assessment of your needs, and an opportunity to ask any question you may have about her program.
Amy Arthur

I breed, train, conduct personality tests, and find homes for work and service grade purebred Doberman Pinscher canines. Preparing these dogs for life as an excellent quality family pet or service canine requires a lot of work, dedication and experience. My children, the dogs, and my farm are my life. When I'm not taking care of them, I'm expanding my knowledge and working on ways to improve their lives.