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Personality Test (Also known as a Temperament Test)

24th June 2024

5:00 PM Eastern Time


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Doberman Personality Test

Just because you've got a Doberman, doesn't mean that they're qualified for work related roles. This test is designed to pick up on a puppy's unique traits and potential for different types of specialized training.

Would you like to Participate?

I need volunteers! Puppies tire quickly. In order to get the best results, we need to test them promptly. As a result, I will need multiple helpers to get through the entire litter before their results are tainted with fatigue. For speed, we'll be dividing them into 3 different groups.

2 openings

It is critical that testers have never met the puppy before. Anyone that has fed or played with the puppies previously will be disqualified for this role.

3 openings

 Results must be pure. Having an interest in the outcome can cast a shadow on the results. Graders must have no stake in the test.

Videographer 3 openings

Each phase of the test must be filmed. This will help new owners that cannot participate get a better feel for results and can aid in future evaluations.

2 openings

Managers will be responsible for rotating and collaring the tested puppies with their new ID tag. One manger will be in charge of the puppies that need tested. The other, for the ones that have completed theirs.

1 opening

For order, I'll need help welcoming participants and viewers. You'll be given educational material to hand out and will need to be able to help answer basic questions (which I can teach you prior.) 

3 openings

Above all, the safety and well being of the puppies comes first. As a buffer, you'll be helping ensure that no puppies get lost, stolen, or injured. You'll be tasked to help me keep them hydrated, and safe.

In summary, we've got an entire litter of puppies to test. This is a big and exciting project which requires a lot of work. 

Participants must be calm and gentle, quick to follow instructions and have patience for the easily distracted puppies. All volunteers must be approved beforehand and be at least 12 years old (with minors supervised by an adult.)

Younger children are welcome to come and watch but must be closely supervised by an adult and not allowed to intervene with the test. Puppies that have completed their test will be available to play or cuddle with upon request and with strict supervision.

Anyone that is interrupting the test or not being gentle with the puppies will be asked to back away. This should be a positive experience for all participants. Which especially includes the puppies themselves. 

What Are We Testing?

In short, we're looking to define the introverts from the extroverts in order to pinpoint protection or service work potential.

Social Attraction

An outgoing puppy is going to love being with people and will readily engage with the tester.


Here, we're looking for a puppy's instinctive willingness to follow the tester. This also helps indicate trainability. 


Desired results vary here depending upon the need. Protection potential canines should score high here.

Social Dominance

Leader or submissive? Leaders have a greater potential for protection work. Submissives could be better service dogs.


This isn't so much a gauge on trainability, so much as it is confidence. A puppy with leadership instincts will show promise for protection work.

Play Drive

A puppy that readily plays is often easier to work with than one which is more reserved.


Protection dogs should score higher here. Service or family related roles should be have a lower grade.


How does your puppy react to an unexpected object? Curiosity vs wary = introvert or extrovert tendencies.

Sound Sensitivity 

Is your puppy jumpy to new sounds? A protection dog shouldn't be. Neither should a dog going into highly social work.

Touch Sensitivity

Where is your puppy's tolerance level? Do you have a sissy or a tough guy? This gentle test will help determine which.

Are The Test Results a Permanent Prediction?

Absolutely not. The test doesn't just uncover your puppy's natural inclinations. It also helps you, as their owner determine where they need the most focus. To explain, when a puppy scores low in certain areas, you can focus on their weaknesses and work to make them strong points. Likewise, this can be most utilized during their first fear stage between 8 - 12 weeks. Indeed, I've seen some puppies completely reverse their results with the right training and socialization.

What sets this test apart

I use a modified version of the Volhard Test for my Tackleberry Dobermans. To explain, the Volhard test was created as a generic test for any breed. Conversely, Dobermans are more unique and require a more specified approach. As a result, through years of study, I have created my own test to match the breed.

  • Age: 49 Days
  • Any earlier = too young
  • Any later = learned behavior not instinct
  • Find your puppy match


I'm Amy Arthur

Your Doberman breeder and guide. My goal is to help you determine compatibility and gain the confidence that you would require in order comfortably handle this unique breed.

Above all, your ability to understand the psychology behind the Doberman's needs is a crucial element for excellent ownership. My gift to you, sharing everything I know about them. Indeed, no one should have to rely on blind google searches to uncover the Doberman's secrets.


Apply to Join

If you would like to be a volunteer or would just like to watch, please RSVP for free here. Simply fill out the form below. For volunteers, please let me know which role you'd like to do along with a little bit about yourself. I'll get back with you on availability and approval. 

*Entries will be redirected to the personality test outline for more information.

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