Getting a Doberman in 2024? Checklist of Everything You Need

by Amy Arthur  - December 28, 2023

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Getting a Doberman in 2024? This article was specifically designed for owners looking to know exactly what they need to get beforehand.

Notably, this list has not been drafted based off of order of importance. Rather, every item listed here should be equally considered when getting a Doberman. Foundationally, this article is designed to help alleviate the guessing game associated with approximate size as an adult and the Doberman's unique needs. Click the button below if you'd like to download the printable checklist.

1. Adjustable Dog Crate

First, when getting a Doberman, it is best to get a crate that will work with your puppy’s size as they grow since this happens quickly.

Furthermore, while potty training, you want your Tackleberry Doberman to have just enough space to turn around in and that’s it. To expound, any more and you’re subject to accidents during crate training.

Moreover, getting a kennel that has an adjustable panel makes this simple. Example: FRISCO Heavy Duty Fold & Carry Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate, X-Large - *No affiliate

Your crate’s size needs to be able to handle a dog between 90 - 100 lbs when it is full grown and come with a panel that can adjust the appropriate room as your puppy grows.


2. Chew-Safe Dog Bed


Granted, when getting a Doberman it is certainly important to think about their comfort during the night or any other down-time that you might have them in the crate. Indeed, this is especially something that you should take into careful consideration during their potty-training phase.

On the other hand, simply getting the cheapest or the most comfortable looking dog bed isn't the best idea. To explain, bedding with easy-to-tear fabric and stuffing can be dangerous and costly. Furthermore, Dobermans need bedding that is clean and can be sanitized regularly.

3. Chain Leash

Third, it is important to consider the proper training equipment when getting a Doberman. For example, puppies especially like to play with everything. Consequently, the use of a sturdy, chain leash will help limit distractions and prevent the puppy from attempting to chew or bite the leash during walks. 


4. Chew Toys

Obviously, chew toys are a must. I personally recommend cow bones and home-made raw hides from real skins. However, such options are not always available when you're getting a Doberman. As a result, I recommend you check with your local vet to see their most recommended alternatives.

Likewise, chewing isn't just an important part of a puppy's life due to teething or just cleaning their teeth. Indeed, the act of chewing can also be a major stress-reliever for most canines.

5. Outdoor Kennel or Fencing


Critically, if you are getting a Doberman, you'll need either an outdoor kennel or a fenced in yard. Namely, you need a place for your Doberman companion to play during hours that you are not able to watch them.

In conjunction, Dobermans are very agile and strong. As a result, a they can easily tear through a standard chain-link kennel. Notably, this is my favorite kennel to use: 8 ft. x 8 ft. at Tractor Supply Co. *No affiliate

Particularly, this kennel has proven strong enough to contain a Doberman. Furthermore, I also like to line the bottom with rubber stall mats designed for horses so that they cannot dig out: 4 ft. x 6 ft. Thick Rubber Stall Mat *No affiliate

Side Note: I do not recommend that you keep a Doberman as an outside pet. More precisely, their short fur makes them vulnerable to the heat and the cold. Not to mention that Dobermans are bred to be the protectors of people and not property. As a result, they are the happiest when they are with their family. Outdoor spaces should only be used for short breaks and not long-term stays.

6. Elevated Dog dish

Additionally, due to their large size and deep chests, Dobermans benefit from a taller dish. To explain, when a Doberman has to bend down to eat low to the ground, it can make it difficult for them to swallow, it can cause bloat and numerous other ailments.

7. Age Appropriate Large-Breed Dog Food

Getting a Doberman?

As a matter of fact, both puppy and adult Dobermans require varying degrees of proteins and other nutrients during their various ages. Dobermans especially need the benefits of large-breed dog food specifically designed for puppies until they are at least on year old.

8. Natural Parasite Preventatives

Granted, there are times when parasite control requires drastic measures. However, it is equally vital to consider the possible side-effects of every flea, tick, and worm-killing chemical. That being said, it has been my personal experience that there is no better alternative than food-grade Diatomaceous Earth and Coconut oil.

To expound, food-grade Diatomaceous Earth is most helpful as a very light dusting on the dog's bedding and occasional additions to their meals for internal parasites. On the other hand, I've also found coconut oil to be a very effective deterrent and parasite killer when used correctly. 

Likewise, after a weekly bath you can lightly rub the coconut oil into their fur. What I've found is the oil smothers and kills fleas and ticks. It also makes the dog's fur slick so that their eggs cannot stick as well. Not to mention that it is very beneficial for the health of the fur, and is safe for the Doberman to ingest. To be clear, coconut oil is by far my most favorite for fleas and ticks.

9. Sturdy Collar

To be honest, I've found plastic, fabric, and snap-on collars to be a complete waste no matter how expensive they are. While the snap-on feature can be convenient, they are too easily broken. Furthermore, I've found that fabric collars look dirty faster and break more often. As a result, I've found leather buckle on collars to work the best. 

Side Note: The strength of the collar should definitely be an important factor for large-breed dogs. You certainly don't want to risk your Doberman getting lost or hurt if the one they are wearing breaks during a walk.

10. doberman Owner eCourse

Foundationally, Dobermans are unlike any other breed. To explain, their unique outlook on life and deep connection with their family make them a very impressive canine to work with.

On the other hand, owners that are not familiar with their unique personality, or how responsive they are to their handler would benefit greatly from our Doberman Owner eCourse which focuses on the psychological approach needed in order to maximize your Doberman's potential.

Attention Doberman Lovers!

Owner's eCourse: Delve Into the World of Psychology for this Unique Breed

Getting A Doberman?

Side Note: I must reassert here that none of the links I've used in the article were sponsored. To clarify, I get nothing associated with these recommendations. In truth, they were shared for simplicity and to offer the convenience.

Notably, I'm likely to have forgotten something along the way and am liable to come back to make adjustments to this list as time goes on. 

That being said, if you feel I've missed something important, please leave a comment below and share your thoughts for the benefit of other readers.

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