Can you ship a dog? The hidden risks and solutions for your Doberman

by Amy Arthur  - December 26, 2023

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Can you ship a Dog?

Markedly, from North Carolina to California, "How to ship a dog?" is one of the first questions that I often get asked with prospective Tackleberry Doberman owners.

Likewise, to this I must add my word of warning that such a course should not be done recklessly. Exponentially, this is especially critical for those looking a Doberman that is compatible with protection, service or other work related roles.

Indeed, while there are practical options available when you would like to ship a dog, simply placing your beloved canine by itself in the belly of an aircraft is not the right answer.

To explain, behavioral development must be considered with absolute care. Markedly, this is directly applicable when you're looking to have your Doberman perform with specialized training.

Further Beware the Fear Stage


Foundationally, most Tackleberry Doberman owners obtain their new companion as soon as the puppy is old enough to leave its mother's care between the ages of 8 - 12 weeks old.

Ironically, this age also coincides with the Doberman's first major fear stage. Likewise, please note that at any age, your Tackleberry Doberman needs a transportation option that is gentle and caring. 

To expound, poor budget travel can cause long-term trauma. Furthermore, to ship a dog in this manner can significantly affect or even damage their behavioral development.

In summary, while it is ideal for new owners to pick up their Tackleberry Doberman themselves, sometimes such an option is not available. However, rest assured that there are choices available that can function as the next best alternative.

Attention Doberman Lovers!

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Side Note: Tackleberry Dobermans that have been trained in specialty work such as protection will need to be picked up by their new owner regardless of distance. Indeed, in order to ensure a successful transition and to be able to fully utilize their new companion's skills, one-on-one familiarization would be critical.

Best Budget Travel Options to Ship A Dog

Option A: How to Ship a Dog

Chiefly, when you have to ship a dog,  Flight Nanny is my best recommended option only if your are receiving your Tackleberry Doberman directly at 8 weeks of age. To explain, most airlines have a 20 lb in-cabin flight limit for canines. Likewise, due to being a large breed dog, Tackleberry Dobermans are generally right at 20 lbs upon reaching 8 weeks.

As a result, this method on how to ship a dog isn't always available. Which brings me to option B.

Option B: How to Ship a Dog

Subsequently, when size is an issue, ground travel is your next best choice. Granted, next to hiring a close friend to adventure across country round trip, the services of a professional pet-friendly transportation company is your next best solution.

To explain, platforms such as Citizen Shipper and Uship provide assistance for finding and vetting skilled drivers for a "ship a dog" service. To illustrate, you can best utilize this method by:

  1. 1
    Creating a free account
  2. 2
    Post a job offer at no cost
  3. 3
    From: Mount Olive, NC to Your Location
  4. 4
    Provide Dog's Weight, Age, and Breed
  5. 5
    Date of Delivery (It helps to be a bit Flexible here)

Following this, drivers will quickly apply with offers including cost. Indeed, this will give you an idea on what's available and affordability. Look for driver that is willing to ship a dog and has:

  • High satisfaction scores
  • experience working with Dobermans
  • Pet insurance guarantees
  • Shipping Platform manages payment and accountability
  • Does Not Transport dogs in Mass numbers
  • Isn't the cheapest driver

Final Points When You Ship a Dog

In conclusion, by carefully considering and choosing the right transportation for your Tackleberry Doberman, you can ensure that they come to you safely and comfortably, setting the stage for a positive and trusting relationship.

In Search of Criticism

Notwithstanding my own experience, I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to do things better. Consequently, please leave a comment below for the benefit of every reader if there is anything you can contribute in regards to the best methods on how to properly ship a dog.

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