Tackleberry Doberman: How To Obtain An Elite Canine

by Amy Arthur  - December 18, 2023

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Less than 1% of the nation has successfully obtained a Tackleberry Doberman. Welcome to our grand tour of the approval process.

Step 1: Complete the Tackleberry Dobermans Application

Foundationally, one of the most crucial steps in finding a good Doberman breeder is establishing trust and ensuring that the breeder places the lifelong needs of every Doberman first above anything else.

Likewise, by working with a Tackleberry Doberman breeder that prioritizes correct placement of their puppies, you can rest assured that we are also equally concerned about every aspect to include the puppy’s bloodline, environment, health, and upbringing.

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As a result, we’ve implemented a requirement for all first-time Tackleberry Doberman owners to complete our Doberman application in order to be considered for one of our beloved canines.

In conjunction, requiring the completion of an application with a small fee further functions as a quality buffer on our end to help us find the best possible homes for our Dobermans. 

Furthermore, the crucial service that this application provides ensures:

  • The intent of the buyer: We're looking to home our elite Dobermans with new owners that take the responsibility of caring for this unique breed seriously.
  • Personality Matching: The fee covers the time and effort involved with discussing the needs of every applicant in detail in order to make the most compatible match.
  • Provides Peace of Mind: As a new Tackleberry Doberman owner, you can rest assured that you are not wasting your time in finding a quality breeder.
  • Helps to support Our Lifetime Health Guarantee: Although small, this adds to our health fund in order to ensure that every Tackleberry Doberman owner is 100% covered by our contract.

In summary, not everyone can handle a Tackleberry Doberman. Indeed, the Doberman alone is a unique breed that presents an enthralling beginning to a world of untold magnificence. Likewise, it is equally crucial to ensure that every potential owner is qualified and would equally benefit from such a relationship.

Side Note: If you would like to expedite the approval process for a Tackleberry Doberman, you can get certified with our Doberman owner eCourse.

Step 2: Phone Interview with Amy Arthur

Subsequently, after reviewing your application for a potential fit, I will reach out to you in order to arrange a phone or web visit so that we can further get to know each other.

Likewise, this call doubles as both an approval and pairing process in order for me to gauge the most benefit for each party. To explain, Tackleberry Dobermans are individually synchronized with their forever families based upon matching their personality, training, and temperament specifically suited with your needs.

Similarly, once we’ve established a potential connection, I will then ask a few questions of my own in order to ensure that all Tackleberry Dobermans are going to a good home. Significantly, you can expect to be asked questions like:

  • Have you ever owned a Doberman before?
  • Are you aware that this is a large breed dog?
  • Are you prepared to keep them inside out of the weather? (Their short fur makes them vulnerable to the cold and the heat.)
  • Are you prepared to handle their high energy levels and need for mental stimulation?
  • Can you work with their unique personality and accordingly provide the proper structure in order to maximize their potential and prevent behavioral damage?

Foundationally, after we’ve established a solid connection and agreed upon each other’s needs, it is time to graduate to the next level.


Step 3: Reservation Deposit

Crucially, in order to reserve your choice of Doberman or place for pick of the litter, a deposit will be required in order to confirm intent.

To expound, this deposit goes towards the total cost of your Tackleberry Doberman and functions as a service for peace of mind during the transition process. Likewise, you can rest assured that your Doberman is not going to be placed with another and that the agreed upon price is locked in.

If you’d like to learn more about how our deposits work, you can do so by clicking the button below. 

Step 4: The Autograph Request

Markedly, completing our contract is a crucial step in order to grant you full access and comfort with our lifetime health guarantee and breeder’s support.

Furthermore, this contract also serves as our terms of use and ensures that each Tackleberry Doberman will always be appropriately cared for.


Step 5: Schedule Transportation or Pick Up

During this phase, date and time of transfer will depend upon your Tackleberry Doberman’s readiness for departure. To explain, puppies must be at least 8 weeks old before they are ready to leave. Likewise, for those with cropped ears, extra time may need to be considered in order to complete the procedure.

In conjunction, trained adults are custom tailored to your needs and may need more time in order to ensure they’re best prepared for their forever family. This can take anywhere from 2 - 12 weeks depending upon the depth of training requested and the availability of our trainers.

Above all, Tackleberry Dobermans are a unique breed that thrive off of positive experiences and appropriate socialization. As a result, we do not recommend standard shipping as an appropriate form of transportation. Consequently, if a puppy is exactly 8 weeks old, they are still light enough to be considered for a Flight Nanny service if in-person pick up is not an option. Otherwise, the use of a professional ground service is recommended in which the driver provides one-on-one attention and has experience working with Dobermans.

As a result, specific recommendations for each process will be offered depending upon your convenience.

Side Note: Fully-trained Dobermans for specialized work in protection or service will need to be picked up by the owner in order to ensure a proper transition of commands and obedience. In this instance, it is common practice for new owners to fly in and drive home. - The driving process is very beneficial in that it provides a calm one-on-one bonding experience for both the canine and their new family.

Step 6: Process Completion

Naturally, payment will be due in full before a Tackleberry Doberman can leave my care. This coincides with in-person pick up or transportation. Likewise, our contract goes into further detail regarding each specific depending upon mode of deliverance.

Step 7: Welcome to the Family!

Congratulations! The time is finally here. You’ve gotten your new companion and have officially entered into the Tackleberry Doberman pack. Notably, you are now a part of the family for life. As a result, I encourage you to keep me updated. To expound, please don’t ever hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns or simply want to update their profile page or share pictures.

Notably, if the Tackleberry Doberman was a fully trained adult, they will likely be going home with a video on their training ques along with a 30-day bonding guide.

Likewise, when the process is fully complete and all of your expectations have been exceeded, I kindly request a review in order to help others feel the same sense of peace and joy associated with finding a respectable breeder.

What’s Missing?

Do you have any questions or concerns regarding the Tackleberry Doberman world? Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and ask.

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